The Best Ankara/African Print Trends For This Season.

The Best Ankara/African Print Trends For This Season.

If you're a fan of Ankara prints, then you would love this. Ankara prints have slowly but firmly secured a space in the mainstream fashion industry with their edgy, calm, bold, complicated and simple prints which has endeared them to many Ankara lovers. Apart from the bright picture Ankara prints presents, versatility is another reason why they have won the heart of many fashionistas. Here are some of the best Ankara trends for this season.


  • Ankara Purses/Bags

If you're attending an event and you want to turn heads, there's no easier trick to it than accessorizing with an Ankara purse/bag. It is sleek, classy and drips with finesse. Check out these Ankara bags from Zee Store


  • Ankara shorts 

An often overlooked fashion statement but nonetheless effective is Ankara shorts. They are super comfortable and allow you to go for a breezy outdoor feel especially when paired with a black or white top and crocs. It's almost impossible to go wrong with Ankara shorts. Click on the image below to view more Ankara shorts from Zee Store.


  • Ankara earrings 

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and the Ankara wave brought a fresh influx of creativity and ingenuity from fashion icons. Ankara earrings which were a sudden burst of inspiration have stuck and they are not leaving anytime soon. Your accessories are never complete without at least two Ankara earrings. It's not too late to get them if you do not have it amongst your accessories. We currently don’t carry Ankara earrings but check out Achy’s hair on Instagram for some beautiful options

Ankara Earrings


  • Ankara Head-wraps/Hair Bonnets

Head-wraps & Hair bonnets have been the rave for quite some time now and it's super cute when it comes in different colors. Having an Ankara hair bonnet is a must-have as it gives off the smooth maintaining- beauty even while asleep vibe. Check out these beautiful head-wraps and bonnets currently available to order via our Instagram as they’re only available in limited quantities.

Ankara Head-wrap BonnetAnkara Head-wrap & BonnetAnkara Head-wrap Ankara Head-wrap

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