How To Take Amazing Photos of Your Outfit

How To Take Amazing Photos of Your Outfit

It can be pretty upsetting when you get dressed up in a fabulous outfit but you can't take pictures of your outfit. With the arrival of social media, regularly uploading pictures on the gram and tagging your friends has now become a thing. However, it's not just about taking pictures of your outfit. Are your angles right? Is the camera positioned well? You'll be surprised to discover that there are simple tricks you can learn which are quite helpful in taking amazing photos of your outfit.


1. Use Picturesque Props 

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It can be fun taking pictures with real life props such as an ocean view or a large expanse of colorful flowers, however it can be stressful setting it up as well. One of the great parts of shopping with an afrocentric online store such as Zee Store is the fact that you don't need extra photo props. The clear display of different colors on the outfit you're wearing gives your picture a colorful and vivid real life personality. 


2. Use Real Life Setting 

There's a certain quality that comes with taking pictures in a real life setting. It has all the elements of fun and it gives your viewers a peek into your world. It can be at work, your workplace, at home or even a lunch date.


3. Style a Piece Two Ways 

Make your outfits come alive with simple hacks on different ways to rock them. You can rock a two-piece as is and decide to switch it up on your next outing by pairing the bottom with a sweater or short sleeve shirts . The trick is adding something extra to make your audience bowl over.


4. Find Your Signature Look 

It's not just enough that you have a great ambience and clothes, you have to find a style unique to you. One that has you most comfortably in. Your pictures come out better when you own your style.


5. Smile 

A little smile lights up a whole picture, imagine what a huge smile does. It's pure magic. Don't be afraid to show your goofy side when taking pictures, it reflects your awesome personality.

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