How to Choose The Right Outfit as a Wedding Guest.

How to Choose The Right Outfit as a Wedding Guest.

It can be a mentally exhausting task having to select the right outfit from your clothes collection to wear for a wedding party. In most cases, it's quite easier to get new fabrics and materials to sew. Or better still, buy ready-to-wear outfits from stores. Check out Zee Store to take a sneak peak at our amazing Afrocentric wears.

The phrase "I have nothing to wear" might be ringing in your head when it seems you've exhausted all your options. However, these tips below have become most effective in helping a lot of people choose the right outfit as a wedding guest.
  • Don't Wear White 

It would be quite embarrassing to wear the same color of gown with the bride especially if you aren't on the bridal train. White, off white, pale blue and other lighter colors should be avoided. A neutral would be a much better pick. Here's an example of a neutral outfit you can wear. 


  • Avoid The Too Casual Look 

For every choice you make, it would be great to have it at the back of your mind that you must avoid going too casual. You do not want to come across looking like you escorted a friend to the party and feeling self conscious when you are supposed to be having fun. If you have to choose between being overdressed and under-dressed, choose overdressed. If you are looking for a style that spells casual but still fit for a wedding, you should go for the outfit below which is lightweight and breezy.


  • Go for slightly baggy wears 

Uh oh. You might be thinking, but have you allowed yourself to imagine how you will appear at a wedding party showing up in slightly baggy gowns popularly referred to as "Rich Aunty" wear. It gives off a self assured feel and allows enough room to dance and have fun. Check out this bubu below 

Self awareness is key and sometimes attending a wedding dressed in your very best, sets you up for a potential match. Zee Store offers you a variety of trendy wears that can be worn on any occasion without looking out of place. If you're considering a stronger look, here are a few from our collection:

Umteyo - Adire Maxi Bubu/Kaftan


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