How African Styles Have Evolved

How African Styles Have Evolved

A popular opinion that most of us will agree on definitely is the fact that fashion is dynamic. It recycles itself over centuries whether we like it or not. However one thing that remains consistent with fashion is creativity. Over the course of a few decades, styles have changed dramatically but trends from the past have been kept alive.

As far back as the early 80s to the present, your style could be linked to your identity and you are often perceived by what you wear. The fun part is that there are many different ways you could style yourself as derived from the media, fashion blogs, prints or even your favorite fashion icons.


The Sixties 

One popular rave of the fashion industry in the sixties were long dresses and hats. A lot of women favored fitted and over-sized dresses based on their personal preference. These over-sized dresses have evolved into the modern day Bubus & maxi dresses favored by several women and usually worn with an accompanying head-tie 

Retro dress

For the men folk, they preferred loud, colored patterned shirts which have evolved to the bold and colorful shirt prints that can be worn casually or corporate depending on the preference of the wearer.

ZS African Print Shirts


The Seventies 

The trends for the women were the olekus, a baggy- sleeved buba (top) worn over an iro (wrapper) above the knees. The men favored the agbadas and the danshiki. This trend never went away and it's still strongly preferred even till the present day 

Azzy's Oleku throwbackMen in Agbada/Danshiki


The Eighties 

The demand for maxi skirts for women out shined and it's still a strong trend till present day. The men were into boot cuts & tight shirts.

 Men 80s fashion


The Nineties 

Styles became more pop and hip. So many styles of ankara were now being accepted and created into unique designs. One of which are the ankara shorts and skirts that can be paired with any choice of top and still give off perfection.

2000 to Present Day 

Styles have wonderfully evolved. People are now more open to pairing up their outfits with bold accessories such as bags, Ankara earrings and shoes.


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