Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Zee Store is wishing all the amazing women out there a wonderful International women's day!!

As early as the 1990s, women have begun to fight the marginalization and segregation against them by patriarchy all over the world. The International Women's day is a reminder that women have consistently broken patriarchal rules in all sectors of the society and a reflection of how far we've come in our fight for gender equality.

Group of BW in African Print

Politically, socially, economically, more women are stepping up and taking roles where their voices are now being heard loud and clear. Fashion brands and stores have also shown their support over the years by creating bold collections with loud messages.

ZS models in Adire Bubus

Zee store champions gender equality with a collection of African prints that channels the strength and femininity of women through bold colors and contemporary designs.

For us, fashion goes beyond slapping up designs and pairing on accessories. Whether you are on a lookout for a wardrobe upgrade or a simple treat, the most important thing is fixing you up to feel confident in your skin which is one of the values of International women's day.

ZS models in maxi kimonos

Fashion is an integral part of our modern-day world and it has been made possible through the sacrifices of several women. What better way to show support for equality of both genders by displaying the femininity and strength of women through colorful women day ensembles.

Adowa Tunic on ZS models

In dedication to the strong women all over the world, we have a collection of African prints designs with unique names and patterns such as the Apatampa Maxi Kimono, Adowa tunic, Umxhentso Adire Maxi Bubu and Vosho Maxi wrap dress available for sale on our website. 

We are also celebrating by giving you a discount on our women's collection! From March 8 to March 12, we are offering 15% off with a minimum order of $50. This discount is only available for 5 days and will be automatically applied at checkout, so get your order in now and let's celebrate the power of women together!

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