Ankara Pieces That Will Never Go out of Style

Ankara Pieces That Will Never Go out of Style

Ankara fabrics have taken a wild turn in recent years as more and more people are discovering the magic of combining different materials creatively. Whether it be something as modern as an off-shoulder look or palazzo and jumpsuits, you are sure your femininity is reflected since it allows you to show off your appealing shoulders, collarbones, and incredible body shape. Here are our top picks of Ankara pieces that will never go out of fashion.



Ruffles have been around for a while and are not going anywhere soon. If you're a fan of how much life a flounce can give your clothing, ruffles should be an answered prayer. Ankara ruffle hemmed skirts, jumpsuits, blouses, and palazzo allows you to enjoy all the fun of rocking your African prints and combining them with trendy and chic styles.

High Waist Pieces

High waist pieces have been known for highlighting your lower body region flatteringly, and they are evergreen pieces that cannot go out of Ankara style and fashion. Most Ankara pieces are dynamic, but the high waist sets the bar high. You can carry it off with a satin top or tailor it as a high waist, long flowing skirt, or even a short pencil skirt. The trend for this particular piece keeps refreshing and recreating itself over the years.


Off-shoulder tops have evolved beyond the corporate feel to Ankara fabrics and are now one of the best choices for Ankara lovers. The fun part is how they come in different forms, such as the off-shoulder wrap top, off-shoulder blouse, off-shoulder gown, and even jumpsuits. The interesting burst of colors on the Ankara fabrics and bold patterns makes it easier to rock these pieces with other materials or a jean.

A V-neck or Plunging Neckline

You probably thought that plunging necklines could not be pulled off with Ankara fabrics, but there you are wrong. Ankara pieces allow you to unapologetically show off in a plunging neckline in a unique piece of traditional and modern fashion, giving you a classy look. The idea is to find the right bra to wear underneath your fabric. Having a bra peeking out from your outfit, apart from looking tacky, would also reduce the impression of your ensemble.

Getting together chic Ankara pieces should no longer be a problem with these helpful tips. Ankara fabrics have slowly entered mainstream African fashion and have shown that they are here to stay. 

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